Miscellaneous ATC Videos & Clips SCROLL TO: M10 / M20

M1: ATC EMD Trailer 2008
Trailer for the ATC EMD Series of Extreme Metal Detecting and Treasure Hunting videos, released way back in 2008 in the pre-DIGGERS days!
M2: ATC EMD Trailer 2009
Seven minute trailer for the latest in Team ATC's Extreme Metal Detecting series, including some exciting finds, and the usual nonsense.
M3: EMD6 Preview 2010
2010 is condensed into a 15 minute attack on your senses that will leave you reeling and nauseated. EMD6 Preview included.

M4: Detector Boys Music Video
You demanded it, so here it is. The Detector Boys music video. This is what we did before we were on TV. Basically, the same dumb stuff we do now.
M5: EMD7 Psuedo-Preview 2016
KG, Ringy, Bones, TeeO, and the rest of Team ATC are once again running amok in Montana. More metal detecting nonsense from the Kings of Nectar.
M6: Garrett ACE400 Testing
The new Garrett ACE400 metal detector prototype is tested by KG and Ringy in Virginia and Texas. Awesome new machine! (2016)

M7: Diggin in Virginia 2016
Highlights from two detecting trips to Virginia in the spring of 2016, featuring finds with the Garrett ATX and Garrett AT Gold. A few familiar faces pop up too!
M8: Mysteries of the Snake Pit
Ringy visits Pete Schichtel and Joe Jorgensen of the Lost Treasure Seekers at the mysterious Snake Pit. Will there be snake buckles in Ringy's future?
M9: Ducky Dive Boat Guests
Ringmaster Tim from TV's DIGGERS takes a Garrett Sea Hunter II on a test dive and a couple of unexpected guests show up on the boat!

M10: The English COINtryside
The boys are in England, and Ringy can't seem to keep up with "KG" and his incredible run of luck... Lots of Garrett team member cameos!
M11: NX-5 Johnny Depp Parody
Spoof on Sauvage cologne commercial with Johnny Depp. Team ATC's NX-5 shovel commercial might look a little something like this...
M12: First Look at APEX
Team ATC's inside info on the new 2020 Garrett metal detectors. Introducing the ACE560 Turbo and the AT Maximus Prime. ROBOT technology is introduced!

M13: DWKGR Season 1 Trailer
KG and Ringy are back on TV! Tune in to the Pursuit Channel this fall as they travel the globe in search of historical nectar. Germany, Russia, England, etc. (2017)
M14: DWKGR Season 2 Trailer
KG and Ringy are back and better than ever. Tune in to DIGGINTV.com to catch all ten of the new episodes, including the EMD7 subseries! (2019)
M15: DWKGR Season 3 Trailer
DIGGIN with KG & RINGY is back!!!! Here's a two-minute trailer for season 3, with all the dates and times and info! Go to DIGGINTV.com for details! (2020)

M16: DWKGR 2020 PSA
Public Service Announcement: A video note about the present state of affairs in 2020, as well as a look forward with Garrett and ATC.
M17: APEX vs. Competition Ad
Spoof ad poking fun at some of Garrett's competition and thier ridiculous Red vs. Yellow themed ads. This is the PG version.

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