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Care and Use of Your New ATC Shovel

Just like any other tool in your arsenal, your new NX-5 or NX-6 shovel will serve you a lifetime if properly used and cared for. It was designed to cut through roots and saw clean plugs in grass and dirt, and it's pressure tested to 180 to 200 pounds, so it's a tough and awesome shovel, but like any other tool, it does have limitations. It should not be used as a chisel, auger, or pry bar in frozen ground or solid rock. If you sense full resistance, stop and cut another slice into the ground or remove rocks and soil in smaller sections. When cleaning, do not bang it against cement or rocks to remove mud, as the heat treated steel can crack under that kind of stress. That being said, we've packed these shovels around the globe for years, and have yet to find a better all-around travel shovel! -- KG & Ringy

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