ABOUT RINGY'S PAGE: Hello fellow treasure hunters, detectorists, and other random humanoids. Ringy here. I started this page to have a spot to post things related to treasure hunting that interest me on a more personal level, like some of the coolest finds I've dug over the years, and some other odds and ends. There's an FAQ that will undoubtedly grow along with the news section, and I'll post some pictures from time to time. In reality, this is just a subpage of the original anacondatreasure.com site. The main place to get up-to-the-minute DIGGERS and Team ATC info will remain the ATC Facebook page, but I thought this would be a fun little project. From here, you will be able to access the ATC Facebook page, the Anaconda Treasure site, DIGGIN TV, Garrett, and everything "Digger" related. Happy Hunting!

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05/01/2021: The updated KG & Ringy event schedule is now posted on the ATC event schedule page.
Check there for all the upcoming tours, events, podcasts, and more. To find specific TV shows,
Quick Hitters, or archived podcasts, just go directly to DIGGINTV.com!

Q1: How can I contact KG and Ringy?
A1:The best way to contact Team ATC is to use the contact form on the anacondatreasure.com website. Use this form to suggest show ideas, show sites, special order ATC gear that is not already listed online in the ATC store, check on orders, or anything else. The link is right here:
Contact Team ATC.

Q2: How do I know when and where the new show DIGGIN WITH KG AND RINGY will air?
A2: Air dates for all of our TV shows (DIGGERS and DIGGIN WITH KG AND RINGY) are always posted at DIGGINTV.com as well as the Team ATC Facebook page. Check there to keep up with all the latest KG and Ringy news by clicking the logos below.

Q3: How do I know when and where DIGGERS will air?
A3: DIGGERS was aired on the National Geographic Channel for 4 seasons, and reruns/mini-marathons of the 66 DIGGERS shows still run on NatGeo occasionally. You can also see the shows via Amazon Prime. The link is right here: DIGGERS on Amazon Prime. Also, dates for all of our TV shows (DIGGERS and DIGGIN WITH KG AND RINGY) are always posted on the Team ATC Facebook page first. Check there to keep up with all the latest KG and Ringy news by clicking the Team ATC/Facebook logo on this page (just above this section).

Q4: I have questions about metal detecting in general. Where do I start?
A4: Try browsing through the section called "About Metal Detecting" on the ATC website (anacondatreasure.com). Chances are, you'll find an answer or two there! The link is right here: About Metal Detecting.

Q5: The ATC gear I need is not listed in my size/color/style. How can I get what I need?
A5:You can special order any kind of ATC Gear using the ATC contact form. Just tell us what you need, and we will get you a price. The link is right here: Contact Team ATC.

Q6: What detectors do KG and Ringy use, and how do they set them?
A6: We mostly use the Garrett AT MAX, but we occasionally use the AT Pro or AT Gold. The way we set up all of our detectors can be found in videos on our YouTube channel. AT MAX set-up video link: AT MAX Set Up. Learn more here: Metal Detectors.

Q7: What do you like?
A7: I like coins and I like rings.

Q8: Who are Bones and T.O.?
A8: Bones is Rick Wyant, KG's older brother. He and T.O. (Travis Johnson) are the other two original members of Team ATC. T.O. stands for "Troy Ounce", and he got his nickname because he was a gold hunter long before he met us. Bones has had his nickname since he was but a wee child back in the late 1800s.

Q9: Who is Leroy Brown?
A9: He's allegedly the baddest man in the whole damn town. In fact, It's reported that he's badder than old King Kong, which seems an outrageous claim, and to top it off, there's this whole thing about him being meaner than a junkyard dog. I've never met him, but I would hope he seeks counseling immediately.

Q10: How do I become a member of Team ATC?
A10: You can be a member any time you choose. There are no fees, there are no dues. (It's not a membership club in the traditional sense. It's more of a state of mind.)

Q11: What are ATC tokens and what are they good for?
A11: ATC TOKEN HISTORY: KG and I always wanted to be on our own coins, even before ATC really took off. A couple of years after making ATC an actual legal business, we decided to make our first tokens. They were good for a certain amount in trade against ATC gear, the idea being that one token could be used per purchase. However, they became instant favorites with collectors of shiny roundness and such, so they never really got circulated. In fact, since the first minting in 2007, there has never yet been a single token turned in for credit on a purchase! We now think of them as business cards in the form of a coin. We occasionally bury them at sites we have detected for future detectorists, we have used them as "tester coins" when metal detecting, and mainly, we hand them out as souvenirs and in contest prize packages. We do not sell them. They are giveaways for the lucky few (i.e. you have to win one in an ATC Facebook site contest or local detecting club giveaway, or find one in the ground, on the beach, or in an airport vending machine coin return slot). That being said, there is one way to get them if you decide you absolutely can't go on living without them. Many collectors request an entire set, so we finally came up with a way for those folks to get them, while at the same time staying true to the idea that we won't sell them. We will accept one silver dollar in trade for a complete set. We were not smart enough to save a ton of the older tokens, so we have a limited amount, but it should be enough to cover all you crazy spaz collectors that want to participate in this fiasco.
ATC TOKEN SET GUIDLINES: Send us a pre-1964 silver dollar (or two half dollars if you insist). Condition is not a concern as long as the date(s) are legible and the coin(s) are not bent or completely destoyed. We will ship you a complete set of ATC tokens to a USA address ONLY!!! We have had a lot of issues sending them overseas (lost/rejected/cost-prohibitive/etc.), so if you are in another country, have us ship them to a friend or relative in the USA.
ATC TOKEN MINTAGE: First ATC "toke" was minted in 2007, in a quantity of a mere 1000 pieces. We had a couple of versions in 2007 that lasted us for years, and then we finally commissioned a new version in 2012 and every year since, occasionally minting a short run of certain varieties. We're working on a really cool design for next year right now! See the image below for the different years, varieties, and mintage figures.

Q12: I don't see an answer to my question here. What should I do?
A12: Check the link in Question #4 above, as it might actually contain some real and useful answers. If you still don't see it, you can email me at ringmastertim@gmail.com with any questions you would like to have answered here. Maybe I'll post them. Maybe I won't.

Q13: Where can I get a full set of Team ATC Metal Detecting cards?
A13: Check the ATC gear page for availability:
ATC Gear Page.

Q14: I see the ATC token history listed on your site, but what about all the autograph cards you've had over the years?
A14: Here you go. I think I found them all. Let me know if I'm missing any...


To enter one of our ATC contests, just leave ONE comment using the contest's keyword phrase on the original post of the contest, which is always found on the Diggin with KG & Ringy Facebook page. If there are targeted YouTube videos or additional posts or reels mentioned in the contest, you can use the keyword in ONE comment on each of those posts as well, which will give you additional chances to win. Sharing the posts will get you yet another chance to win.

If the contest is a part of the Runnin and Gunnin Podcast, then leaving comments during the live show gives you more chances at the prizes. Comments on the live podcast do not need to contain the keyword and they are unlimited.

Please claim your prize within 30 days of the announcement of the winners. PM us your shipping address via Messenger or email. Anyone over 18 can enter. USA shipping addresses only. Winners are posted on the Diggin with KG & Ringy Facebook page, and announced on the Runnin and Gunnin Podcast (if applicable).

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