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QH1: AT MAX Dive Shaft
Ringy dives in the ocean to test an AT MAX custom Anderson dive shaft setup. Excellent setup for anyone that does a lot of dive detecting with the AT MAX.
QH2: AT PRO Settings
KG and Ringy share the basic settings they use on their Garrett AT PRO metal detectors. Find out how they set their machines and why!
QH3: AT GOLD Settings
KG and RINGY share the basic settings they use on their Garrett AT Gold metal detectors. Find out how they set their machines and why!

QH4: AT MAX Settings
KG and RINGY share the basic settings they use on their Garrett AT MAX metal detectors. Find out how they set their machines and why!
QH5: The Crusty Coin
Join Ringy in the laboratory as he reveals the contents of an encrusted salt water find. What will it be? Another numismatic mystery solved!
QH6: AT MAX Depth Tips
Find out how to maximize depth and quantity of finds with your Garrett AT MAX or AT Gold using this one simple technique. Ringy shows you how!

QH7: Detect in England
Wanna go detecting in England with KG and the Ringmaster from TV's DIGGERS? Watch this Quick Hitter and find out how!
QH8: Desert Finds and Vegas
Ringy & CB join up with Steve Moore from Garrett, Joey Wilson from the Prospecting Channel, & Warren from NQ Explorers, to look for gold.
QH9: KG's Old Stone Well
KG finds an old stone well while out shed antler hunting, and returns to finds coins and a couple of possible civil war items with his AT MAX.

QH10: Armadillo Invasion
KG runs into a Kansas armadillo that tries to lay claim to his nectar sector. Awesomeness is unearthed.
QH11: Little Dirt Digger
KG gets an awesome surprise in the mail. Check out what was in the box!
QH12: Fishin' with KG and Ringy
KG and Ringy take a peddle boat out on a secret bass pond and the fun begins!

QH13: Reptiles and Relics
It's alive!!! Unbelievable find for the Ringmaster in the same hole as a dug relic! Snake attacks and more befall KG and Ringy at the 2018 CGMH.
QH14: Weird Naked Cat
In this 3 minute Quick Hitter, CB's freakishly furless feline is featured. Watch as it flies through the air with the greatest of ease. Sort of.
QH15: Silver Coin Hoard
Incredible find!!! Ringy, CB, and a gaggle of other detectorists team up to discover a hoard of 800 year old short cross hammered silver coins in England.

QH16: Pound the Ground
KG & Ringy take New York by storm! Spanish silver, military buttons, and an unusual colonial coin are unearthed! Also features Gypsy Jewels & CB.
QH17: Porpoise Coins
We turn back the clock to show you a set of dolphiny, porpoisey coins found over a decade ago! What's the matter? Are we not porpoisey enough for you?
QH18: Silver with the Z-Lynk
Ringy finds silver on the first good signal of the day using a prototype of the new soon to be released Garrett Z-Lynk Wireless Pro-Pointer AT!

QH19: Rally Fever
The craziness of the 2018 spring rally season is showcased. Coin-crazed kids, Texas silver, Belgian beer, and Italian hotties grace the screen. Hang on!
QH20: Relics & Rallies 2019
A month and a half of rallies and hunts in England and Germany culminate in the final 2019 Euro rally of the year...Detectival!
QH21: Route 66 Silver
Car crashes, fires, ambulances and an arrest along Route 66 as Ringy & CB make their way to Texas to meet up with Gypsy Jewels. Get your kix!

QH22: Nectar in the Pock
KG and Ringy share some gratuitous shots of unearthed nectar from the past 15 years as well as some other old pix, stuff, and jibber jabber.
QH23: Twin KG5 Coins Found
Ringy and CB find matching King George the 5th coins in England. KG finds....uh...something else.
QH24: Canal Coin Challenge
KG has issues as he and Ringy ride the ferry across a canal at an Italian Rally and try to find enough change on the beach to pay for the ferry ride back.

QH25: Return of the Rally Car
DIGGERS King George and Ringmaster Tim have signed some weird things over the years in autograph sessions, but this was pretty bizarre...
QH26: Glass Frag Site Dating
Broken glass fragments on the ground can help you date a site before you even dig your first hole! We look at different types of glass found at various sites.
QH27: Melting Metal
Ringy is back in the lab experimenting with the melting of scrap copper and brass. Fire, heat, and molten metal. You gotta see the awesome results!

QH28: Birthday Beach Hunts
CB and Ringy find treasure on the beaches of southern California. Possible shark attacks and lost rings await the pair as they celebrate CB's birthday!
QH29: Pressed Pennies
Ringy smashes pennies, shows some of Team ATC's dug elongated cents, and explains the history of elongated pennies back to the 1800s.
QH30: Ringy's Lincoln Cents
Ringy completes his Lincoln cent collection after 40 plus years!!! 1909-S VDB in the pock!

QH31: Florida Hunts 2020
KG & Ringy hunt some interesting old sites in Florida with Marc, Gary, & Jerry. KG keeps his streak of Florida detecting domination alive!
QH32: AT MAX Salt Water Setup
This video walks you through ground balancing your Garrett AT MAX metal detector for hunting in and near salt water.
QH33: Garrett ATX Settings
This video walks you through setting up your Garrett ATX detector, including tips and help from expert gold hunter Warren McGrath.

QH34: Pro-Pointer AT Setup
In this "How-To" video, KG walks you through setting up your Garrett Pro-Pointer AT, including sound, sensitivity, and vibration settings.
QH35: Season 2 Extra Finds
After filming some shows in Iowa and Kansas, KG & Ringy share some extra finds from the cutting room floor! Extra nectar for the pock!
QH36: Island Treasure
CB and Ringy dive and detect several islands from Hawaii to Cozumel, and come up with big platinum and monstrous silver!!!

QH37: Desert Danger & Donuts
Gold, silver & rare tokens!!! Join Team ATC, NQE's Warren and Colleen, & ZD's Gypsy Jewels on some great hunts. Scorpion attacks & more!
QH38: Dive Detecting Fish
Ringy is "attacked" by a killer fish while dive detecting and survives to tell the tale in this 2 minute DIGGIN with KG & Ringy Quick Hitter!
QH39: Celtic Gold Coin Found
In England, Ringy stumbles onto his greatest coin find ever! Multiple silver coins are unearthed by Garrett Team members! 50 B.C. "G" in the pock!

QH40: Nazi Plane Puzzle Solved
Reassembly of a German Focke-Wulf 190??? Behind the scenes look at a weird incident that took place during the filming of the DIGGERS episode.
QH41: Detectival 2018
KG and Ringy find Roman artifacts at the 2018 Detectival event, and meet up with a bunch of old friends, including Digger Dawn. KG finds a Roman fibula!!!
QH42: French VR Coaster Crash
Wanna see Ringy in pain? Here's another chance... Ringy crashes hard during a VR roller coaster ride in France at the 2018 French rally.

QH43: APEX Testing 1
KG and Ringy's first video in a series of tests and tips on the new Garrett APEX metal detector. KG finds big silver! Dual volume controls are featured.
QH44: Detectorworld 2018
Peek in on the escapades of KG & Ringy at the Detectorworld event in the Netherlands! Incredible event! Cool finds and hilarious scenes from the afterparty!
QH45: Italian Rally / Sicily 2018
Garrett Contest Sicilia! Along with the rally, KG & Ringy climb the famous volcano and meet up with a local detecting club on the Italian Island.

QH46: Silver Shocker
Digger Dawn and King George get a fascinating little surprise after comparing their silver coin finds at the 2018 Detectorworld event in the Netherlands!
QH47: Italian Stallion Medallions
Team Garrett stumbles onto the mother lode of Italian medallions, while preparing for the next day's Sicilian Rally event in the shadow of Mt. Etna.
QH48: Leo the Silver King
KG, Ringy & friends visit the IDC in Germany and find an abundance of nectar in the Netherlands. Leo the "Silver King" trumps everyone!

QH49: Tropical Treasure 2019
CB & Ringy search Hawaii for treasure, dive with giant sea turtles, and battle with chickens. Team ATC finds 100s of coins and trinkets in the island paradise.
QH50: Kangaroo Coins 2018
Join Team ATC as they team up with NQ Explorers to search in Australia! Warren, Colleen, CB, Ringy hit the mother lode of silver, and a bit of gold!
QH51: World Scouting Jamboree
KG and Ringy are with Team Garrett at the massive scouting complex in West Virginia, helping to train scouts to metal detect. #worldscoutingjamboree2019

QH52: 1780s Colonial Coins
Long lost footage!! A cool behind-the-scenes find from 2013! Could it be another New Jersey Copper for Ringy?! Weirdness ensues.
QH53: APEX Salt Water Tests
2nd video in the series of tests and tips on the new Garrett APEX detector. Target depth and Multi-frequency Salt Water Mode are featured.
QH54: Sterling in the Park
Ringy finds...what else?...a silver ring on a park hunt using the Garrett AT MAX and the Garrett ACE APEX. 117 coins and spills galore!

QH55: BONE 27 APEX Challenge
Spanish Silver, US Silver, Canadian silver, and some incredible surprises. Best BONE hunt yet, and some fun with Lucky Lou. Coppahs for everyone!
QH56: Ripper Coil (APEX Test 3)
Team Garrett tests the new APEX 5x8 "Ripper" coil. Ringy gives his thoughts on it, as well as some info about how the APEX handles in the rain.
QH57: APEX Settings
KG and Ringy share the basic settings they use on their Garrett APEX metal detectors. Find out how they set their machines and why!

QH58: The Matrix
A couple of Ringy's mystery items are finally identified after ten years of conjecture and apathetic ignorance. Cool bit of history.
QH59: The Coinshooter
Ever find a plugged nickel? KG and Ringy reveal some crazy and interesting metal detecting finds related to the world of firearms.
QH60: Delectable Dimes
The boys find silver at opposite ends of the Rockies using the latest versions of their APEX detectors! Alien intervention is suspected.

QH61: Florida Hunt 7
A week of non-stop action in Florida! KG & Ringy visit FH7, Camp Freedom, Daytona Beach, St. Augustine, and more. Silver and 1800s nectar in the pock.
QH62: Rings of Spring
With travel restrictions still in place this spring, Ringy hunts local parks and similar sites, along with bodyguard Kayne, and they end up finding what else?.....Rings!
QH63: Charles Garrett Hunt 4
KG & Ringy appear at the 2021 Charles Garrett Memorial Hunt in Canton, Texas, with the usual results: pub scuffles, flaming cars, loitering and littering suspects, etc.

QH64: MS-3 Poop Test
The durability of the Garrett MS-3 headphone unit is tested by a huge bird with indigestion. Ringy tries to console Kayner after a bird poops on him.
QH65: APEX Barbartion
Silver, jewelry, mercs, and more are discovered with the APEX in another "hunted out" spot! Barbs in the pock for Ringmaster Tim!
QH66: Meg Dives 2021
Sharks from 20 million years ago are the target of this latest KG & Ringy adventure! Join us on one of our most amazing adventures yet!

QH67: Ghost Town Treasure
KG & Ringy join forces with original Team ATC members TeeO and Bones for a 2021 version of the old Montana gang to hunt a private permission Ghost Town!
QH68: England 2021
Detectival & RCM Hunts! Silver coins and treasures were unearthed in the UK by the Garrett team, and the Prize Patrol was dispatched on multiple calls.
QH69: Digstock 2021
DIGSTOCK 2021! KG & Ringy join the Garrett crew in New York for a set of fantastic fall weekend hunts. Cool finds, awesome prizes and parties.

QH70: Winter Whatnots
Silver coins and rings, as well as some interesting oddball finds to finish off the year in Arizona!!! Sterling silver always makes our day!
QH71: Gold Camp Caches
KG and Ringy visit a GPAA Gold Camp in South Carolina and find a bunch of cool stuff, including coin caches dating back to the 1800s! Miguel, Rusty, Nug, and more!
QH72: Florida Hunt 8
Parties, pool, and plenty of fun at the annual event to help vets with PTSD! The boys join a local hunt and find some old trade tokens among other items.

QH73: Treasure Fest 4
KG and Ringy land in Arkansas for Treasure Fest 4. Big prizes, lots of winners, and some weird stuff happening there. What else is new?
QH74: Italy 2022
Excitement on the beach in Italy at the Detector Shop's massive Garrett Contest. KG and Ringy reunite with old friends after three years of pandemic exile.
QH75: DTH Iowa 2022
KG & Ringy head back to Iowa for the first time in over 5 years for their first ever DTH event. Silver and gold and lots of fun. Chicago Ron and others appear.

QH76: Axiom Test 1
Ringy gives his first impressions of the new Garrett Axiom pulse induction gold detector, which will be released by the company later in 2022.
QH77: Alaska Gold!
KG & Ringy test the new Garrett PI prototype detector in Nome, Alaska. Bears, moose, musk ox, birds, foxes, and fish attack at some point. Sort of.
Team Garrett zeroes in on a nectar sector of military buttons as they battle the crazy weather.

QH79: LA Smackdown!
It's the Nibbling Nutria vs. the Bottom Feeders! KG and Ringy team up with Digger Dawn, Gypsy Jewels, and the Garrett Team in a Louisiana battle!
QH80: Italy 2023
When you go out for ice cream (gelato), and end up... elsewhere. DetectorShopIT puts on another amazing event!
QH81: Krushing Kansas!
KG and Ringy are joined by Miniature Man for some amazing hunts with local experts. Coins, rings, and Tootsie Toys!

QH82: DTH 2023
Cool finds at an old Boy Scout camp in Illinois! Detecting the Heartland crew was amazing as usual.
QH83: Link to Lindbergh
KG and Ringy return to Montana to hunt with the ATC OGs. A link to Charles Lindbergh's famous 1927 flight is discovered.
QH84: Crusader Conundrum
Ringy discovers a strange object in an English paddock while searching for Roman and medieval treasure.

QH85: ENGLAND 2023
KG and Ringy hit Detectival and the Rodney Cook events. Team Garrett seeks and finds hammered silver, Roman, and more!
QH86: KADOHA 2023
KG & Ringy hunt the KADOHA event in Arkansas, and dig some incredible crystals at a working mine north of Murfreesboro.
QH87: Netherlands 2023
Team Garrett looks for gold and silver caches in the muddy fields of the Netherlands!

QH88: Hawaii Mystery Ring
Ringy and his wife CB find some unexpected treasures in Hawaii, including an unusual ring with some interesting history.

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