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03/20/2019: We are only a few days away from the insanity of the 2019 World Tour, as well as the premiere of season two of DIGGIN with KG and RINGY!! Ten new episodes start April First (no foolin) and can be seen on (and the Anaconda Treasure YouTube channel). Shows will be released each Monday, beginning on April 1, capping with the finale on June 3rd, 2019. Prize packages will be given away each week, culminating with the giveaway of a brand new NX-5 shovel! Tune in and join us!

08/27/2018: A lot going on in the world of Team ATC right now. Gearing up now for the 2nd and 3rd Garrett Team Euro-trips of 2018. Some big events scheduled including Detectival and Detectorworld. (Schedule posted below.) Can't wait to see everyone in France, England, and the Netherlands again. Always so much fun. You can keep up with the latest DWKGR news via our Facebook Page, as we'll post live and "nearly live" updates during our travels as usual. We might even shoot a few scenes for an episode of DIGGIN with KG and RINGY while we're over there. We'll probably need some "extras", so keep that in mind if you want to be a part of torturing an episode "loser". Season 2 is coming along nicely. First 4 episodes are all USA-based (Iowa, Kansas, Montana, etc...), and there's another episode set in England as well. Slow going, but we'll get em all done eventually. Can't wait to share them all with you in 2019. One of the upcoming #DWKGR Quick Hitters will have some finds from Season 2 that didn't make the show, so keep an eye out for that as well. Hope to see you all soon!

05/24/2018: The first Euro Trip of 2018 was a huge success on several fronts. Filming for DWKGR season two continued in England, and the rally season kicked off with a bang for sure! Video links to the latest Quick Hitters are below. You don't wanna miss the "rally distractor girls" in the "Rally Fever" video. The medieval silver hoard video is cool too. A great hunt in Texas with Gypsy Jewels is the next scheduled Quick Hitter, and photo ablums of all of these events, as well as Nectar Contest (for an NX-5 shovel) are on the DWKGR Facebook Page now!

08/26/2017: The DIGGIN with KG and RINGY premiere is less than a month away! Want a sneak peek at the show trailer? Watch it right here via the link to our Anaconda Treasure YouTube Channel. Share it and comment on the DWKGR contest #46 on our DWKGR Facebook Page to win a brand new NX-5 digging tool!!!! If your cable company doesn't provide the Pursuit Channel, NO WORRIES... You can simply watch it on your computer or phone!! Instructions for each option are listed below, along with the TV schedules and cable channel numbers.

Each week’s episode of DIGGIN with KG and RINGY will air four times during the week:

  • Monday at 11:30 am ET / 8:30 am PT
  • Tuesday at 9:30 pm ET / 6:30 pm PT
  • Thursday at 2:00 pm ET / 11:00 am PT
  • Friday at 1:00 am ET / 10:00 pm PT


  • Direct TV - Channel 604
  • Dish Network - Channel 393
  • Fios (by Verizon) - Channel 818
  • ATT U-Verse - Channel 1644 HD
  • Century Link Prism - Channel 677 or 1677 HD


  • 1. Go to the Pursuit Channel website.
  • 2. Hover over the drop down tab called "We Deliver", and select "Watch Pursuit".
  • 3. An array of eight TV options are displayed. Locate the VIDillion TV icon, and click in the center of the icon (NOT on the "Free Live Streaming" box underneath it).
  • 4. After a few moments, the stream loads up and you are watching Pursuit live!!!

Download the free Pursuit Channel app, and live stream the channel to your phone in 5 easy steps.

More Information: To learn more about Tim "Ringmaster" Saylor, George "King George" Wyant, Team ATC, and their metal detecting adventures, visit

08/02/2017: Russia and Italy were incredible!! Filmed a show in the Moscow area (think Ivan the Terrible, Peter the Great, etc...), and we just got back from Iowa and Kansas, filming a couple of shows about Grant Wood, General Funston, and the Iowa 51st!! Now it's time to prepare for the huge rally in the Netherlands on October 14th! While we are gearing up for the big premiere on the PURSUIT channel of DIGGIN with KG and RINGY on September 25th, you can watch one of our blooper reels on our Anaconda Treasure You Tube channel! Don't forget the new NX-5 shovels are now available at See the image links to all of this stuff below!

04/21/2017: We're just back from the first annual Charles Garrett Memorial Hunt in Texas, and it was nothing short of spectacular! Check out the pix on our Facebook Page. Getting ready to head to Italy for a rally on the beach in Cesenatico on May 7, and then we'll be appearing in Galesburg, IL May 20th for National Metal Detecting Day event. We have several big announcements coming up, so brace yourself...

  • 1. The new DIGGIN WITH KG AND RINGY show will air this fall!! Details coming soon...
  • 2. The new NX-5 shovels are coming out in a month or so! They will be available at
  • 3. Garrett is releasing a brand new detector, and we will be using it in Italy in May! Reports to follow...
  • 4. Facebook contests and prize pak giveaways will abound as the details are released and posted!

12/11/2016: Check out the new Team ATC video on our anacondatreasure YouTube Channel!! Awesome finds at the Snakepit in Jersey!

10/18/2016: We're back from our latest Euro-Tour, and we've been filming and finding some great stuff! As you probably already know, DIGGERS was not renewed in 2016 by NatGeo Channel, but we are filming a new show right now, so no worries! As soon as we know any info about the channel, network, times, etc, we will let you know! Updates will be posted on the DWKGR (Diggin with KG and Ringy) and ATC (Anaconda Treasure Co.) facebook pages, as well as on our main website ( and our Twitter handles. Check the facebook pages for details on appearances, the shows, finds, and everything KG and Ringy! Stay tuned for more nectar!

02/24/2016: Release party! The fifth ATC YouTube video was released along with a week long contest for prizes! Details are on the Team ATC Facebook page. ATC VID5 Info: King George and Ringmaster Tim, along with Bones, T.O., and the rest of Team ATC are once again running amok in Montana. Left to their own devices, chaos is sure to ensue. More metal detecting nonsense from the Kings of Nectar. The Team ATC posted YouTube videos are listed below. Click on the YouTube button above to take you to the latest vid!

07/01/2015: DIGGERS SEASON PREMIERE JULY 20: Happy 4th everybody! The 4th of July weekend is about to commence, and Season 4 of DIGGERS is right on its heels! It's finally here! We know it took a while to get these next 16 episodes ready, but it will have been worth the wait. This season will hit you hard right out of the gate, with double stacked new shows each week, some new looks and new faces, and the juice... oh, the juice...yes, the juice, and the nectar and the ornateness and the roundness and the squareness and the triangularness and the rectangularness and the octagonalness and the romboidalness and the parallelogramness and the ancientness and the incredibleness and the awesomeness will punch you right in the left kidney like a sopping wet burlap sack of half-rotten mangos, and it will keep on punching you week after week until your eyes exude tears of joy. There will be more, my friends. More than just salty tears of joy. Remember the good old days when we live-tweeted during new shows? Remember how we gave out prize packages of stuff that was sometimes actually something someone wanted? That is going to happen again. In fact, it will happen sooner than you think, dad. The party starts July 18th with a seven hour DIGGERS marathon to get you prepared for Monday night, July 20th, and the first two new episodes of the year! So get ready to ride the wave of nectar and prizes into the fall, and may you all find silver and gold in the next hole you dig. Have a great and safe 4th. See you all very soon...

06/25/2015: The target date for the new season of DIGGERS is July 20, 2015! This new season is packed full of cool finds and incredible history. We will let you know as soon as we can when the date is solid!

05/08/2015: KG and I just got back from their European Rally Tour with Garrett Metal Detectors, Inc!!! It was a blast, to say the least! Hundreds of photos posted on the Team ATC Facebook Page.

04/15/2015: The Team ATC Facebook page is the place to go to stay in contact with KG, Ringy, Bones, T.O., and the rest of the gang at Anaconda Treasure. Keep yourself up to date on the latest Team ATC adventures, finds, announcements, and general nonsense.

01/01/2015: Hey! This site is still under construction, but will eventually contain a bunch of photos, articles, and other treasure hunting related information. Check back for updates to see how it develops and grows into the beast I know it can be. Suggestions are welcome at Meantime, scroll down and check out a few of my favorite things... Ringy

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